A Mobile Platform That Connects Professional Cooks and Chefs to Diners. The inspiration behind FoodJin is the opportunity every Chef needs which is to feed the lovers of food, not just within the Restaurant they work in.

FoodJin strives to build local cooking communities by providing a platform for up and coming chefs to shine. In many cases, that means tapping into incredible cultural cuisine from different corners of the world. Foodjin enables access to mouthwatering ethnic food that by combining it with modern technology and ease of online ordering.

Core Features for the
Enhanced User Experience


User friendly app to place order from the menu combined with signature food items.

Online Order

Ability to place order online - whether you want it delivered at your doorstep or you want to pick up yourself at a nearby restaurant.

Register as a Cook / Chef

Become a member to start accepting orders and earn. The registration is administered and enabled after verification only.

Fully vetted onboarding

All chefs / cooks must go through validity checks by supplying necessary identity and legal documents to start accepting orders.

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