Discovery Workshop

Uncovering the requirements to their deepest roots, and ensuring they are addressed is extremely vital. With Discovery workshop - we work with you to unfold every aspect of your problem, define clear and manageable goals and come up with transparent working model.

Our Manifesto

We deliver quality products that stay within the predefined budget by identifying and adapting to changes much earlier in the entire process, avoiding an irreversible stage where the cost of changes is higher.

A discovery workshop plays an important role in transforming your idea, vision and problems into a sustainable and usable product. All the planning, scoping, and streamlining are done in the very beginning to witness tangible results.

Why Discovery Workshop?

Simple design is a complex process. We simplify it by focusing on Challenges and Solutions followed by building functional user interfaces that keep the audience at the centre.


Not all requirements are development ready and they need to be refined


Ideas evolve and they need to be constrained in a boundary and put in an order


Organise your thoughts for maximum impact and ensure everything is not a priority


A quality product must have clearly defined objectives and why's


Deriving scope, for accurate timeline and budget for realistic project estimates and plan


Choosing the right technology approach to development that can last long


Discovery Workshop is designed to feed the engineering team, albeit not the other way round that traditionally many IT companies do.

Clear Strategy

We work with you to cut the clutter and stay focused on defining critical system features to build a product that’s launch-ready.


Making the most of our engagement with an agile mindset and methodology to produce visible results - compared to the traditional way.

Lower Risk

Before investing large sum upfront into the entire project and committing blindly, define something that’s more sustainable and achievable.


We work with you to define minimum launch-able products so that you can prioritize investments for better ROI, allowing you to focus on growth.

Discovery Process

How It Works?

For each workshop, we assign a dedicated analyst, a UI/UX designer, and a technical team who work with you, to do full justice to your ideas with the most relevant and technically advanced solutions.

Target Audience, Market, and the Problem

Discover & Devise

Market Analysis

Review what's already been done by similar solutions in the market and elevate the experience


Identify core needs and vision of the solution with elaborated brainstorming sessions


Identify core business problem to be solved keeping end-users at the centre

Blueprint of the Core

Define & Refine


Designing information architecture with key modules and activities in a logical hierarchy

User Journeys

Heuristic analysis of user behaviour by working backward to design elements that users anticipate


Conceptual block-based representation to uncover visual representation of key information elements

Interface, Experience & Visuals

UI / UX Design


Surgically crafting beautiful pixels to create a visually appealing interface of relevant screens

Digital Experience

Creating a functional design by carefully orchestrating interface, information, and interaction

Platform Compatibility

Creating a design that not only looks stunning but also sticks to methods of interaction on popular screen sizes and platforms

Target Audience, Market and the Problem

Design is not how it looks.
But how it works.

Complex systems are easy to create. It takes a surgical approach to craft functional designs that enable users to feel good while using the web/software or an app.

Creating simple and meaningful interfaces across screens requires careful orchestration of all the key ingredients.

From Discovery to Development


Design Guidelines

The handover process - irrespective of who the technical team, they act as a catalyst to continue the same momentum and depth of the concept to be engineered.

Design System

We create branded UI kit right from the word go, in order to create consistent interface language that is easier to sustain during the development stage.

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